New app from Travel Insured

Company brief

US-based travel insurance provider Travel Insured International has announced the launch of its new app, designed to reduce the stresses of travelling. According to Travel Insured, the app allows users to buy and manage travel protection plans more easily, as well as providing innovative health and safety services thanks to health, safety, and risk management firm Sitata’s involvement in the development process.

The app will feature health advice for travellers, including recommended vaccinations or medicines for trips, as well as destination-specific safety advice, hospital locations and emergency numbers. Customers will also be able to purchase a plan and file a claim, says Travel Insured.

The partnership with Sitata will allow customers to access up-to-date information on possible disruptive events at their destination using the firm’s software. It uses artificial intelligence to gather information from both traditional news sources and social media, allowing users to gain information quicker than via governmental alerts.

“Travel Insured is making an active investment in its services to improve our planholders’ experience when away from home,” said Travel Insured’s CEO John Gehris. “With this new offering included in each and every plan, we’re doing our best to ensure travel anxieties are kept to a minimum and now travellers can make informed, safe decisions with timely, relevant information.”