Hepatitis A in the US


Four US states have been hit by outbreaks of hepatitis A – on top of the major outbreak that is ongoing in California.

Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan and Utah are the latest states to be struck by acute hepatitis A outbreaks, and according to a recent health alert, the number of cases to be confirmed is 50-per-cent higher than the average 20 cases reported annually over the last decade.

Due to increased demand for the hepatitis A vaccine, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has requested that supplies be ‘constrained’: “US-licensed manufacturers of adult hepatitis A vaccine are exploring options to decrease domestic supply and are working collaboratively with [the] CDC to monitor and manage public and private vaccine orders to make the best use of supplies. Of note, the constraints described in this [note] do not apply to the paediatric hepatitis A vaccine supply in the US.”