Come flyyy with mehhh


According to a recent survey, British travellers are drinking more and more before their flights, even as airlines attempt to clamp down on this behaviour.

The survey of UK holidaymakers, which was undertaken by car hire firm in October, found that seven per cent of British travellers heading to popular destinations such as Tenerife and Ibiza happily drink five or more pints (or the equivalent) before flying, and 15 per cent drink between three and four pints (or the equivalent). Thirty-two per cent would drink one to two pints, and some respondents said they would have a few drinks in the minibus on the way to the airport, before even hitting any airport bars.

Ryanair is among the airlines that has called for airports to limit the amount of alcohol served to individual flyers, although the debate as to how exactly this is policed is ongoing. Additionally, airport bars make a tidy profit and there has even been extensive investment in bigger areas in which pre-flight drinkers can enjoy themselves, so it is an open question as to whether there is even the will to clamp down.
“Perhaps it’s the stress of flying these days, all the extras, the uncertainty, the rush and push to get on – people just want to zone out of it all,” says Julie Shuttleworth of “Or maybe they are just starting their holiday fun early by having a few drinks.”

We suspect it may be the latter…