Tourists killed in NY attack


In what is being described as a terror attack, a number of pedestrians – including some tourists – were killed when a driver struck a crowd in New York, US on the afternoon of 31 October.

The suspect had rented a pickup truck, which he used to drive into pedestrians on a bike path in Manhattan. At the time of writing, eight have died and 11 have been seriously injured. The Argentine Foreign Ministry has confirmed that five Argentinians were killed, with additional Argentinian nationals wounded, and Belgium’s foreign ministry confirmed that one Belgian was killed, and others wounded.

The driver emerged from the truck after mowing down pedestrians, wielding a paintball gun. He was shot and apprehended by police, and is not expected to die from his injuries.

No travel advisories have been posted at the time of writing, although authorities have advised that the immediate area of the attack should be avoided due to the ongoing investigation.