Enhancements from AXA Global Healthcare

Company brief

AXA Global Healthcare has announced that, from October, it will be enhancing its plans in order ‘to meet fresh challenges in the IPMI market’, introducing various updates including improvements to key offerings such as the International Health Plan and the Global Protect Health Plan in Hong Kong.

“We’re always reviewing our global health insurance propositions to make sure we can offer our customers the service and cover they need to live their life to the fullest,” said Kevin Melton, director of sales and marketing at AXA Global Healthcare. “The global healthcare market is always evolving, and that’s why we’ve updated our proposition to ensure it can better meet the needs of our customers, wherever they are in the world. Whether they want a comprehensive health plan or cover in an emergency, we hope that these enhancements will provide the extra flexibility our customers require, so they have complete confidence in their plan.”

Among the changes are an increase of the overall annual policy limit on Standard and Prestige Plus plans; an increase in outpatient limits (covering diagnostic tests, as well as physiotherapy and visits to doctors) on Comprehensive and Prestige plans; removal of ambulance transportation limits across all levels of cover; new excess options; and increased drugs and dressings limits on Comprehensive and Prestige plans.