On Call to deliver new service

Company brief

Travel risk management company On Call International has announced a partnership with KeynectUp, an ‘app-less’ mobile information delivery system, to deliver a new, text-based service for travellers that will aim to provide essential emergency contact details to travellers no matter where they are. This app-less mobile sharing service will send travellers a customised link with any information they may need if they need emergency assistance while abroad. Sent from On Call International’s 24/7 Global Response Centre, the link, when clicked, will properly format and store the details straight onto a traveller’s phone.

“As part of our mission of helping travellers in their time of need, every day, we’re thrilled to offer this exciting innovation to our clients,” said Thomas Davidson, president of On Call. “This technology will put On Call’s clients in a stronger position to display their commitment to duty of care by giving their travellers a simple, straightforward method of storing and retrieving potentially life-saving information.”

On Call also said that KeynectUp’s system was ‘refreshing’ in its simplicity. “People assume that apps are the perfect solution for communicating with students,” added Douglas Chrystall, founder of KeynectUp. “However, we’ve found that Gen Z is selective about what they download to their smartphones. Many have chosen not to engage with mobile apps offered by their institutions; we’ve seen collegiate app deployment rates as low as seven per cent. Therefore, we find it is essential to embrace a simpler, more effective mechanism to improve student safety.”