UK travellers feel insurance not needed

Travel insurance

A third of UK travellers believe that they do not need to purchase travel insurance, especially when visiting other European countries, according to This is despite the fact that the average cost of an uninsured hospital visit while abroad for a UK traveller is £850, says the flight price comparison site.

France, Spain and Italy top the list of countries that UK travellers feel they don’t need insurance for, according to Jetcost’s new study, which surveyed around 2,400 UK holidaymakers. Of those asked, 36 per cent said that they did not buy travel insurance for every trip they took, with nearly half of these people saying that they did not feel it necessary for the country they were visiting.

The company also found the 43 per cent of respondents had suffered an illness or injury while travelling abroad with no insurance, dispelling the idea that many travellers have that nothing bad will happen to them. Half of those who had an incident purchased medication from a local pharmacy, whilst 29 per cent decided to go to a local doctor or hospital. A fifth of respondents, though, gambled, and waited until they got to the UK before seeking medical help.

“For the sake of roughly £17, it’s not worth not purchasing travel insurance,” a Jetcost spokesperson said. “It prevents having to pay extortionate costs of £850 or more whilst abroad to see a doctor or visit a local hospital.”

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