Your phone will see you now

Company brief

Allianz Worldwide Care has announced that its MyHealth app will now feature a new symptom checker function. The new artificial intelligence (AI) driven feature asks questions about members’ medical conditions anonymously and provides a preliminary evaluation of their symptoms to assess whether or not medical treatment is needed, a feature that Allianz says means it is leading the way in AI-driven international health insurance.

The company’s MyHealth app has so far been popular with consumers, with Allianz saying more than half of claimants now submit their medical claims via the app. The app is part of Allianz Worldwide Care’s ‘Digital by Default’ strategy.

“Our members expect continuous innovation, and we are seeing a strong trend towards digital usage and uptake in paperless claims submissions,” said Alexis Obligi, chief sales and marketing officer at Allianz Worldwide Care. “Developed in conjunction with medical professionals, the Symptom Checker is by no means a replacement for the real thing. It is, however, a valuable tool to be used to secure an initial assessment for our members, and we’ve had an incredibly positive response so far.”