Travellers get advice on drinking abroad


US travellers have been warned about the potential dangers of drinking alcohol in Mexico due to stories of tainted alcohol resulting in hospital stays and, according to insurer Allianz, authorities in the country have recently opened an investigation into an illicit manufacturer who had been supplying numerous resorts, nightclubs and restaurants.

Allianz has released a guide to US travellers detailing what tourists should look out for when consuming alcohol abroad. Compiled by former trauma nurse Kimberly Seay, who is now director of assistance at Allianz Global Assistance US, the guide said that tourists need to remain vigilant ‘whether staying at an all-inclusive resort, or an Airbnb within the city’.

Seay suggested that travellers: Drink in moderation/limit alcohol usage; insist on watching their drink being made; trust their instincts; drink bottled or canned beer; buy their own alcohol at ‘duty free’; never leave their drink unattended; be observant and aware of their surroundings; seek medical attention if they feel ill; and to call their travel insurance provider if they need help finding medical care.

Daniel Durazo, director of communications at Allianz Global Assistance US, also reiterated to travellers that having travel insurance can not only cover the cost of treatment, but provide information on where best to receive it.