Magical beasts & which hotel to stay in


Travellers are always wanting to see something special, to see something that they can brag about when they get back to their friends. But with travelling becoming more accessible to more and more people, what can travel agents do to ensure their customers see something no one else will?

Well, UK travel agent Expedia has created a new travel guide for those who want to see – or more likely not see – mythical creatures.

The interactive web-based guide features infamous beasts such Bigfoot, vampires and the Loch Ness monster, and allows potential Buffys or Van Helsings to find out key information of the supernatural beings they’re searching for, book nearby hotels, get their flights, and most importantly, find the answer to whether or not the mythical creature is indeed real.

Unfortunately, there is no word from Expedia of what insurance travellers would need to protect themselves against the mischievous pranks of Japan’s Kappa or the frankly terrifying Bunyip from Australia (although apparently children are their favourite food, so adults might not need any coverage).