GGA enhances coverage

Company brief

Generali Global Assistance’s (GGA) Travel Insurance division, formerly CSA Travel Protection, announced recently that it has expanded its product offerings to provide additional plans with enhanced coverages for consumers to help protect themselves and their belongings while travelling, as well as their travel investments. The company also announced the launch of its first direct to consumer website under the Generali brand to complete the loop on a 360° sales and service portfolio.

The new plans were built through consumer input all the way down to their naming conventions; Standard, Preferred, and Premium. All three plans include access to Generali Global Assistance’s network of approximately 425,000 medical providers; trip cancellation coverage that includes cover in the event of sickness or injury of family members that are not traveling; and a medical expense service which includes a no out-of-pocket medical cost that can arrange a traveller’s appointment and pay up front for acute treatments up to $1,000 if they get sick or injured while travelling. In addition, coverage for pre-existing conditions is available if the plan is purchased prior to, or within 24 hours, of final trip payment, as long as other requirements are met.

Commenting on the new plans, Chris Carnicelli, CEO of Generali Global Assistance, said: “These moves are directly indicative of our consumer-centric mindset. We recognised that our current offerings were far too limited and lacked the customisation that today’s customer desires. These new plans have been built using direct customer feedback and I am pleased to say they are just the beginning of a new comprehensive suite of offerings we plan to roll out.”

Meanwhile, the company has also launched a new consumer website, which has been designed to make it more responsive and allow customers to better understand the product they are buying. Tiffany Glass, head of marketing and e-commerce for Generali Global Assistance, said: “This site was designed in tandem with consumers, allowing them to self-service, access decision making information, or even read peer reviews of the products and services during optimal touchpoints in the customer journey. This site is not a replacement of our third-party sales model, but rather a complementary add-on to help put more information and access to our tools, under the Generali brand, in the hands of the consumer.”