Tasty travel


According to findings from Booking.com, the favourite ‘foodie’ travel destinations are Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan, Greece and Malaysia.

Booking.com found that, when choosing their next travel destination, 75 per cent of global travellers would likely travel somewhere that is known for its great food and drink. Millennials were found to be the keenest to combine travel and food, with 79 per cent of travellers aged between 19 and 34 considering travelling somewhere particularly known for its gastronomy.

Further findings were that one in 10 people have travelled in the last year to fulfil their hobby of fine dining, and seven per cent for their passion for wine.

“Culinary travel is an ever-growing trend, with travellers planning trips centred on taste-inspired exploration and seeking to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, of which food plays a huge part. Not only are people looking for luxury gastronomic experiences, but also sampling local and street food,” commented Pepijn Rijvers, chief marketing officer at Booking.com. “By using real traveller reviews, of which there are over 118 million on Booking.com and growing each day, we’re able to help travellers to discover the best places to explore, as recommended by fellow travellers from the best neighbourhoods, and dishes to try; discovering hidden gems beyond the mainstream culinary destinations.”