A unique cover option

Company brief

UK-based insurance specialist Voyager Insurance has announced that it has added a ‘unique cover option’ for ‘enhanced travel and terrorism disruption protection’ within its Voyager Plus Travel Insurance.

“If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to closure of your arrival or departure point following a terrorist incident, you could end up still having to pay for accommodation which you are unable to use in your end destination, as well as any pre-booked travel, excursions, or courses which you will not be able to make,” commented managing director Carl Carter. “Alternatively, you may be forced to buy additional accommodation while you are waiting for transport links to re-open for your return to your home country. For travel which is booked independently from a tour operator, you are likely to have to deal with – and pay for – these issues yourself, and in a stressful situation you don’t want to be worrying about financial costs.” 

The company said that with the new enhanced travel or terrorism disruption option, an insured can be covered in these situations. It also said that this option is ideal for those who like to book all the elements of their travel themselves, for example by buying flights, hotels and transfers separately on the internet, rather than booking through a tour operator. 

According to Voyageur Insurance, this option also covers customers for up to £5,000 of additional accommodation costs due to abandonment if events such as volcanic ash cause the closure of airspace, or a change in the travel advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) for the country to which they are travelling forces them to cancel or curtail.