City break insurance mistake

Travel insurance

New research from UK-based market research agency Consumer Intelligence has found that city breaks are one of the main types of vacation that travellers do not buy trip cover for.

According to the research, one-quarter of holidaymakers take the risk of taking trips away without paying for insurance and those going on short trips and city breaks are most likely to travel uninsured.

Consumer Intelligence found that 26 per cent of people who have been on holiday in the past six months took their trip without insurance, with one-third believing it was not worth it for a short trip.

The main reason given for those travelling outside the UK was the belief they didn’t need cover for a short trip. One-third said they took the risk because it was only a short trip, while 14 per cent said travel cover was too expensive, and one-quarter said they were happy to take the risk.

However, Consumer Intelligence believes the number of people heading abroad without cover could be set to fall once the UK leaves the EU, with 49 per cent of holidaymakers having said that they are more likely to buy travel insurance after Brexit.