Adventurous travellers


A recent survey by CAA-Quebec has found that Quebecers' summer vacation plans for 2017 are more adventurous than they were in 2016.

According to CAA-Quebec, in 2016, when asked about their summer vacation plans most respondents said they’d be staying at home or close by, whereas in 2017, plans were found to be more ambitious in every respect.

"Quebecers were more relaxed last year, and they seem to want to make up for that in 2017," said Philippe Blain, CAA-Quebec's vice president for travel. "The statistics show the pendulum swinging back: vacationers are obviously itching to move."

The survey found that 70 per cent of respondents plan to take time off to recharge their batteries. The remaining 30 per cent most often gave the reason of job constraints for not taking a holiday.

Further results were that this year, fewer Quebecers said they will be taking only a week's vacation or less (down four points compared with 2016). More Quebecers (up five points) said they will be taking a two-week holiday.

August was found to be the most popular month to take time off (46 per cent). This year, only 12 per cent have opted for a ‘staycation’, which is down five points for 2016. Fifty two per cent of travellers said they plan to vacation in Quebec and 11 per cent of travellers plan to vacation elsewhere in Canada.

Also, 22 per cent of prospective vacationers said they will travel by plane and 11 per cent of travellers plan to vacation in the US.