Flexibility for small businesses

International Healthcare

A new flexible international private medical insurance (IPMI) solution from international health insurance provider Allianz Worldwide Care is geared towards small businesses in the UK who need to send employees abroad or employ ‘inpats’ at their company.

According to Allianz Worldwide Care, the solution, called the Flex Plan, will enable small businesses in the UK to offer a ‘modular international health insurance solution’ for their employees. The company said that the product’s launch is timely given that Brexit could potentially mean the end of access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for British workers.

At the product’s launch on 6 June, Alexis Obligi, chief sales and marketing officer at Allianz Worldwide Care, said that sending employees abroad is complex for both small businesses and their employees: “Sending employees abroad is a complicated business, especially for small businesses who don’t have the luxury of dedicated resources to investigate and address every element. Likewise, employees being sent abroad for work already have a number of stress factors to deal with when it comes to this kind of major relocation. They’re often moving to an unfamiliar environment, they may not speak the language or be familiar with the culture. Having easy access to health and wellbeing support, for them and their families, is one thing they don’t want to have to worry about.”

Obligi also highlighted the expense of medical treatment: “The cost of medical procedures and treatments can be extremely high depending on the country in question. For example, treatment for a simple leg fracture could cost up to €10,000 in Spain while the same ailment in the US could be four times the cost. As such, providing top quality IPMI is a key differentiator for employers looking to attract and retain top talent,” he said. “The Flex Plan allows us to relieve the burden on small businesses by better serving their needs with a simplified yet comprehensive iPMI solution which caters for the level of flexibility required and budgets available to small businesses. This is complemented by our worldwide support and assistance services which are available 24/7.”

According to Allianz Worldwide Care, the services offered by the Flex Plan are: a 24/7 multilingual helpline and emergency assistance service; a simple, fast and easy process for submitting medical claims via the company’s MyHealth App; cashless access to in-patient treatment; and 24/7 medical advice, employee assistance and security support services.