Travellers want education on going green


AIG Travel’s latest research has found that most travellers believe that the travel industry could make it easier to travel sustainably. The 1,300 participants of AIG’s 2017 Pulse Poll on sustainable travel said that such travel would be easier if people were provided with education about, and access to, related products and services.

“We found that most respondents were committed to sustainability overall and that they believe people should travel sustainably to preserve destinations for future generations,” said Jeff Rutledge, CEO of AIG Travel and a vice chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). “Moreover, our findings indicate that travel agents and companies that provide information on sustainable travel and incorporate sustainable travel practices into their offerings may enjoy higher consumer loyalty than those that don’t.”

The research found that two-thirds of travellers believe that anyone can ‘engage in sustainability during their travels’, with 72 per cent believing that doing so is important. Despite these beliefs, only a third of respondents actually claimed to practice sustainable travel. When asked who plays the most important role in helping people travel sustainably, 62 per cent of respondents assigned that responsibility to ‘travellers themselves’, while only 19 per cent felt the responsibility lies with the travel industry.

It is worth noting as well that a large majority of respondents (88 per cent) said that when working with businesses that promote sustainable travel – compared with businesses that don’t – they would be more likely to either ‘buy their products or services again’ or ‘recommend their products or services to family and friends’.