According to the Insurance Council of New Zealand, the majority of November 2016 earthquake claims will be complete by the end of the year.

The company said that claims span the country, with the concentration of high volume-low value claims being in Wellington and Christchurch and high value-low volume claims in the top half of the South Island, and that it expects the final number of claims to be close to 38,000, which presents a significant challenge in terms of assessment.

“Insurers are working hard to ensure the recovery of communities happens as quickly as possible,” said Insurance Council chief executive Tim Grafton.  “Across the private insurance industry, not including EQC (Earthquake Commission), a total of 330 insurance claims and customer service staff are fully focused on settling claims. This includes about 170 assessors/loss adjusters with the majority working in the Hurunui, Kāikoura and Marlborough districts.”