Destination trends for 2017


Using recent customer data, travel insurance comparison site has explored where US travellers are booked to go in 2017.

It found that Australia and New Zealand top the list of long-stay destinations, and that people travelling to these countries plan to remain at their destinations for over 30 days on average.

The site also found that travellers to Thailand will stay an average of 27 days in 2017, followed by India, with an average trip duration of 24 days.

When it comes to quick getaways, the Caribbean and Mexico were found to be the most popular destinations, and the average trip was booked for just less than 10 days, while travellers to Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas plan to spend just under seven days in the sun.

The data also showed that trips to Antarctica cost an average of just over US$14,000 per traveller, while a safari to Tanzania has an average cost of $8,000, trips booked to the Caribbean are averaging $2,000 per person, and the average cost of trips to Mexico is just under $1,600. has recommended that smart travellers take steps to protect themselves and their investments by purchasing a travel insurance plan as soon as they’ve booked their trip. “A good travel insurance plan with trip cancellation coverage provides peace of mind that money spent on a trip won’t be lost if a traveller has to cancel or reschedule their plans for a covered reason,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of “Compared to the alternatives, including losing your entire investment, travel insurance is a reasonable and important investment.”