Brexit burdening travel buyers?


A recent Business Travel Show poll has revealed that UK business travel buyers face higher prices due to Brexit.

According to the poll, in which 178 travel buyers – 61 per cent of whom work in the UK – were asked the question ‘What impact will Brexit have on client confidence and buying behaviours?’, prices have increased for 16 per cent of corporate travel buyers in Britain, compared to just six per cent across continental Europe.

The results also showed that 80 per cent of British buyers believe it’s a case of ‘business as usual’, slightly fewer than the 83 per cent in the rest of Europe that say the same.

Across Europe, eight per cent of buyers said they are holding off from investing in travel, compared to four per cent of buyers across the UK and 11 per cent across continental Europe.

A selection of business travel professionals were asked how Brexit will affect their job. Rosy Burnie, travel advisor and former global HQ office manager at Luvatas, said: “Currently, it's business as usual. The world is bigger than Brexit. However, the uncertainty means that future investment projects go on hold.”

“The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created many questions about the future, and corporate travel is no exception,” said David Chapple, event director, Business Travel Show. “Our panel of thought leaders will spell out potential changes to prepare for, both for travel managers based in the UK and those whose companies visit on business.”