Aon aims for efficiency

Travel insurance

Beth Godlin, president of the Aon Affinity Travel Practice, took part in an interview recently that examined how technological innovations are assisting efforts in the travel insurance arena to smooth the buying and claiming process for customers and insurers. Remarking on some of the most recent developments, Godlin said: “In the past several years, the main tech change has been with APIs (application program interfaces). These have become standard. You can set up an API to get information quickly and directly from suppliers.” The move onto mobile has also been challenging for the travel insurance industry to exploit, especially with complex policies that do not read easily on a mobile screen, and the move from desktop to mobile computing has been a tricky transition for some. Aon has overcome this issue by re-launching its claims system to make it mobile-first, rather than adapting an old system to a mobile platform. Customers can now do paperless claims through a series of drop-down menus. “In the next few months,” added Godlin, “we’ll have more launches of more features, like providing online status updates on claims and electronic payment reimbursement.”