Happiness is…travelling



Travel is often called a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’, but with more and more customers able to afford travel to further away places does travel still have that special quality? New research by Booking.com claims that the magic of travel is very much still there for most customers.

In fact, 49 per cent of those questioned said they were made happier by travelling than their own wedding day, while 51 per cent said they’d rather go travelling than go on a date with their own partner. Twenty-nine per cent of those questioned even said travelling made them happier than the birth of their own child.

Booking.com surveyed 17,000 people from 17 countries to gather its research, finding that for 70 per cent of those questioned, a holiday of any kind was more enjoyable than material belongings. In fact, all parts of the booking process seem to make customers happy, with nearly three-quarters saying that they became excited by just researching a trip away. Around half said that they feel happiest when booking their holiday.

Shawn Achor, a leading expert on happiness, spoke about the survey results: “The data from Booking.com highlights how there is a very significant correlation between enjoying the booking experience, and happiness during the actual trip – meaning that one of the best predictors of a happy vacation is to have an enjoyable booking process. Travel planned well and instantly booked with ease can dramatically improve your happiness.”

It seems that after booking customer care can also increase happiness, with 79 per cent revealing they scroll through pictures of their destination after booking, whilst four out of five research the area they’ll be staying in. Six out of 10 also continue to read reviews of their destination after booking.