What travellers can expect in 2017


Booking.com has explored what holidaymakers and business travellers can expect in 2017, and revealed eight major travel predictions.

The first prediction is the continuing rise of technology, with use of travel apps expected to increase. According to Booking.com, 44 per cent of travellers already expect to be able to plan their holiday with a few simple taps of their smartphone.

The second prediction is that 2017 will see a further upswing in business travel, with the lines between leisure and business travel becoming increasingly blurred. Forty six per cent of the global travellers who journeyed for business this year said they think they will travel even more for business in 2017.

Booking.com also predicts that travellers will ‘unleash their inner explorer like never before’. Forty five per cent said they plan to be more adventurous in their choice of destination in the coming year, 47 per cent would like to explore corners of the globe their friends have never been to, and 56 per cent would like to do more independent travel.

The forth prediction is that next year, travellers will be inspired by their own aspirations rather than material possessions. More than half of travellers (58 per cent) said they plan to prioritise spending on experiences rather than material possessions.

Lastly, Booking.com predicts that in the months ahead, human interactions will become the ‘currency of travel’, with travellers socialising to make their holidays memorable. Booking.com also suggests that there will be advances in hotel technology that will match the warmth, personality and spontaneity of real human communication.