Friend or foe?


There are many reasons to go travelling, one being the opportunity to see some of the Earth’s most majestic wild creatures in their natural habitats; from penguins in Antarctica and tigers in India, to caribou in Alaska. But while it’s all well and good getting up close and personal with nature, Travel Supermarket wants to make sure travellers know the creatures that are best admired from a considerable distance – or, better still, not at all.

The holiday and travel insurance comparison site has created an infographic of deadly creatures around the world, explaining what makes them deadly, where they can be found and, frighteningly, how long it would take them to kill you. Number one on the list is the poison dart frog, which is found in central and South America, and Travel Supermarket warns has enough poison on the surface of its skin to kill 20,000 mice. If you were to come into contact with one of these, you’d likely be dead in a few minutes.

Featuring in second place on the list is the Indo-Pacific-found box jellyfish, which Travel Supermarket says has tentacles covered in cnidocysts, which contain ‘the most explosive envenomation process known to humans’. The innocuous looking cone snail is third on the list, and is described as ‘aggressive if provoked’. These creatures are found in tropical and subtropical seas of the world and can penetrate wetsuits with their poison-loaded harpoons.

According to Travel Supermarket, fortunately, the chances of coming into contact with these creatures is slim. “It’s highly unlikely you will encounter any of these creatures,” says the site. “However, in the unlikely situation that you do, please seek immediate medical attention.” For a full list of dangerous critters, you can view travel Supermarket’s infographic here: