Pacific Prime launches new health insurance plan

Travel insurance

Asia-based international health insurance broker Pacific Prime has introduced a new health insurance solution for American expats leaving, and visa holders entering, the US who are required to secure Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance.

The plans can be purchased directly from Pacific Prime and are supported by a new ACA information portal designed to provide foreigners inbound to the US and American citizens leaving the US with in-depth information

"ACA-compliant insurance is a massively important product for not only American citizens but also foreigners holding relevant visas,” said Neil Raymond, managing director at Pacific Prime. “These plans not only offer worldwide coverage but also meet ACA mandated coverage in the US and therefore avoid paying the heavy non-compliance fines."

According to Pacific Prime, the ACA-compliant plans it offers include a number of benefits, such as: worldwide coverage in one single policy; ability to avoid hefty tax penalties; complete portability; and anytime enrolment.