Hepstar discovers what extras travellers want and when


South Africa-based travel insurance distributor Hepstar asked passengers what extras they most like to be offered and when they are most likely to purchase them. Hepstar spoke to more than 13,000 passengers in eight countries (the UAE, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey and Tanzani), who were mostly aged between 19 and 60 and travelled locally between one and four times a year and internationally once or twice a year.

It found that 87 per cent of respondents felt seat reservations should be offered during booking, and 80 per cent felt travel insurance should be offered at this point. When it came to baggage, 77.7 per cent said extra should be included.

Around 73 per cent said the option of flexi-tickets should be provided when booking, 68.6 believed a seat upgrade should be offered and 70 per cent thought food and beverage services should be presented.

Based on its research, Hepstar believes all travel add-ons would be purchased when a customer is making their flight reservation. It also found that, if left for later, additional baggage allowances, seat upgrades, rental cars, food and beverage services, onboard WiFi, seat reservations and flexi-tickets were more likely to be arranged closer to the date of travel than soon after the booking of the flight was completed.