Many Brits fail to check weather prior to travel

Travel insurance

Despite weather being a staple topic for British smalltalk, UK travel insurer Columbus Direct has found that 9.1 million UK holidaymakers do not take the weather of their destination into account when booking their trip

With over 850,000 British tourists affected by severe weather conditions when abroad every year, Columbus Direct says that many are risking their holidays by not checking conditions prior to travel. Its research found that one in 10 UK holidaymakers had their trips affected by weather in the last five years, with 50 per cent of them having to stay longer in their destination as a result.

“Bearing in mind the impact that severe weather can have on a holiday, we strongly recommend that travellers check the typical weather conditions of their destination at the time of their travel before booking their holiday,” Rob Thomas, head of brand and performance at Columbus Direct, told customers. “Off-peak holidays are often cheaper but check that this is not because it is hurricane, monsoon or tornado season.”

The research also found that, of those affected by weather in the last five years, 12 per cent did not have any travel insurance. When choosing a travel insurance policy, 32 per cent of holidaymakers would consider cover for delayed flights and travel delays due to extreme weather, and only a quarter would check their policy had cover for cancellations to their holiday. Forty-three per cent of the respondents said they would not consider whether the policy would cover delayed flights, cancellations or holiday interruptions due to weather impact at all. One in seven British holidaymakers admit to not taking out travel insurance.