Travel insurance fraud to be discussed on BBC One

Travel insurance

UK-based travel risk, assistance and claims management company CEGA’s head of special investigations Simon Cook is to appear on BBC One television show Claimed and Shamed to talk about far-fetched travel insurance claims, in order to highlight the strict penalties for fraudsters.

“Travel insurance fraudsters come from all walks of life and include doctors, celebrities and even solicitors,” said Cook. “But I want to let potential fraudsters know that there is nowhere to hide and their scams will be uncovered in all four corners of the world.”

With his UK team, Cook reportedly works with a network of global investigators to get to the bottom of suspicious travel insurance claims. To do this, they use cognitive interviewing, face-to-face meetings and investigations of overseas medical centres.

They also use translation services to communicate with doctors, police, retail outlets wherever they are in the world.

Cook’s first appearance on the show will be tomorrow (18 October) at 11:00 a.m.