Dramatic terror attack rise prompts price update

Travel insurance

The UK’s first terrorism travel insurance product Safe Journey from International Travel and Healthcare has revised its pricing to reflect the rise in terrorist attacks affecting travellers.

Cover for an eight-day single trip has risen from £3.79 to £4.69, while cover for a 14-day single trip is now £6.60, up from £4.60 and cover for an annual multi-trip has increased from £13.82 to £14.99.

International Travel and Healthcare has said the policy will continue to offer its ‘unique range of benefits’, including cancellation and curtailment.

Managing director at International Travel and Healthcare Kate Huet explained the price increase: “The number of travellers affected both directly and indirectly by terrorist attacks has risen dramatically recently and the revised pricing reflects the increased risk and frequency of attack,” she said. “We are pleased we are still able to provide a unique travel insurance policy at a highly affordable price.”