Why gap year travellers need insurance

Travel insurance

UK travel association ABTA has discovered that more than a third of 16-24 year olds risk travelling abroad without travel insurance. In response to this, claims and assistance provider CEGA has reminded gap year travellers of the importance of insurance with a list of reasons.

First, says CEGA, a gap year traveller with insurance who has a medical emergency abroad will receive the best care. “A medical assistance team will manage all their treatment before bringing them back to the UK, when they’re well enough to travel,” says chief medical officer at CEGA Dr Tim Hammond. “Without this support they will have to organise and pay for their own care in a foreign country. They won’t just be left out of pocket, they may also, unwittingly, have to settle for second best.”

CEGA has also advised that insurance will speed up treatment. “If a gap year student doesn’t have travel insurance, they may have to provide a payment guarantee and this could delay treatment,” says Hammond.

Further benefits listed by CEGA are: emergency repatriation; translation services, which, according to Hammond, a good travel insurance policy will include; and family support – according to CEGA a insurer will bring a close family member to an ill or injured travellers bedside.