Medical Travel Compared on board with CMA’s market study

Travel insurance

UK-based travel insurance comparison site has welcomed the news that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will study the digital comparison tools that enable consumers to compare products and services.

Managing director of marketing for Medical Travel Compared Vicki Moses believes the CMA’s announcement is good news for the consumer, and said that Medical Travel Compared is looking forward to hearing the findings. “Medical Travel Compared prides itself on providing an excellent service that enables those with pre-existing conditions to find the best possible cover at the lowest possible cost,” she said, “and we welcome anything that protects consumers and ensures that the insurance industry deals with them fairly.”

She stated that Medical Travel Compared will support the market study’s findings. “The market study may lead to a range of outcomes from suggesting improvements in quality and accessibility of information, and encouraging self-regulation, to recommending governmental change in regulations, or even enforcing competition or consumer law,” she said. “Whatever the outcome, consumers can be assured that we will support the findings to make the industry the safest place possible for them to buy travel insurance.”