A third of British holidaymakers fail to disclose full medical history

Travel insurance

A recent survey commissioned by pharmacist Boots UK found that one third of travellers are failing to disclose medical conditions or other health issues out of fear of travel insurance becoming unaffordable, suggesting a worrying lack of understanding on the part of the general public about the importance of declaring pre-existing conditions and the prevalence of affordable options available for those suffering from them. Somewhat more encouragingly, however, two thirds of polled holidaymakers said that having specialist travel insurance cover made them feel more at ease and more relaxed during their trips.

The research also found that travellers aged younger than 35 are predominantly concerned about allergies, while older travellers are more preoccupied with heart disease and high blood pressure. In a more generalised top five medical worries for travellers, mental health featured prominently.

“With more people travelling into the later stages of life, the evolution of today’s traveller is predicated by the on-going health issues they may have to contend with,” said Boots UK. “According to the survey, the number one medical condition travellers expect to become more prevalent over time is high/raised blood pressure, closely followed by heart disease and diabetes. Cancer and mental health issues make up the top five of medical concerns.”