Starling Bank expands online marketplace

Human and digital hands shaking

Starling Bank, a mobile-based bank headquartered in the UK, has announced the addition of two new partners to its digital business Marketplace. SME insurtech Digital Risks and cybersecurity platform CyberSmart are the latest additions to the bank’s Marketplace; any of the 65,000 clients that have a business account with Starling will now have access to tailored insurance and cyber policies from Digital Risks and CyberSmart.

The additions are part of Starling’s ongoing strategy to expand and diversify its Marketplace and provide a suite of tools that business customers can make use of to bolster their own procedures and operating practices. All the extra products and services can be accessed via Starling’s app.

“Having started a digital business,” commented Anne Boden, Founder and CEO of Starling Bank, “I know the unique and ever-changing challenges you face first-hand. These new partnerships will make it quicker and easier for our clients to ensure they have both the insurance cover they need and the vital cyber security systems in place. Small businesses are subject to up to 10,000 cyberattacks per day, so it is vital that they are properly insured and have robust digital protection.

“By working with Digital Risks and CyberSmart, our business customers will be able to focus on growing their businesses knowing that their insurance and cyber security needs have been taken care of.”

Much has been made of the importance of offering an agile, flexible digital service for the modern consumer; there has been less discussion of the importance of this with regards to business clients. Organisations require efficiency and adaptability too, so an easy-to-access service like this, through which businesses can cherry-pick the services they need to improve their internal and external propositions, are an interesting and potentially even game-changing development.