Aetna signs deal with Guam

The seaside in Guam
Company brief

Aetna International has announced that it has been approved by the governor of Guam to be the exclusive provider of health insurance to the US territory’s government, effective as of the beginning of October. Aetna will make use of NetCare’s local health insurance network to provide coverage to government employees; thousands of government staff and their families, as well as retirees, have health insurance coverage via the government, costing millions.

“I thank the Health Negotiating Team for its work in selecting, amongst all the bidders, the most economical and beneficial healthcare insurance proposal plan,” said Lou Leon Guerrero, Governor of Guam. “For several reasons, the team was limited in time to conduct its negotiations. Even so, it was able to perform all of its duties and provide me with a quality insurance plan to consider.”
Government healthcare in Guam has been provided by Calvo’s SelectCare for nearly two decades, but it has not been awarded a contract for the next fiscal year.