Bank holiday travel costs

Bank holiday weekend

New research from American Express has revealed some interesting findings about the cost of bank holiday breaks.

The research found that 20 per cent of UK adults plan to take a trip within the UK or overseas this bank holiday weekend and that 36 per cent will book time off work to maximise the long weekend.

When it comes to bank holiday expenses, the research found that Brits abroad will spend an average of £280, while those going on a UK staycation will spend £235. In total, Brits will spend a total of £2.6 billion on trips during the bank holiday weekend.

The largest expense was found to be accommodation: at £70 for those travelling abroad and £65 for those staying in the UK. Those travelling abroad will spend more on travel (£69 compared with £44 for staycation travel) and clothes and shoes (£34 versus £22).

American Express has a number of recommendations for travellers to help them minimise bank holiday costs: book breaks early, go sales shopping, make the most of the sun, arrange in advance and redeem points or rewards.