Japan storms affect hundreds of flights

Storm warning sign

Almost 700 flights have been cancelled due to a severe tropical storm in Japan.

Storm Krosa, which is one notch below a typhoon, made landfall in Hiroshima Prefecture on Thursday, bringing severe rain and winds that led to more than 400,000 people being advised to evacuate.

In addition to cancelled flights, many trains have been halted and highways have closed. The travel disruption is thought to be affecting millions of people visiting their hometowns for the Bon holiday, which is a major holiday season in Japan when people honour the spirits of their ancestors.  

ANA Holdings Inc.'s All Nippon Airways cancelled 105 domestic flights for Thursday 15 August and is considering cancelling some international services, while Japan Airlines Co. cancelled 92 flights on Thursday and 62 on Wednesday.

Travellers are advised to follow local media and the Japan Meteorological Agency for weather updates and to check transport information before travelling.