New Everest rules to protect tourists

Mount Everest
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New laws and regulations seeking to protect climbers who want to attempt Mount Everest mean that would-be climbers will have to demonstrate their mountain climbing prowess before being granted access to the mountain.

This is in response to growing numbers of deaths on the mountain, with over-tourism leading to tragedy.

A new report from a panel advising Nepal’s government recommends that climbers who want to attempt the mountain must already have climbed a Nepali peak of at least 6,500 m (21,325 ft). In addition, the report states that there should be a fee of at least US$35,000 (£29,000) for those wanting to climb Everest, and $20,000 for other mountains higher than 8,000 m.

"We will take this forward by amending the laws and regulations. We will make our mountains safe, managed and dignified," said Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattari. It is hoped that the new regulations can abate issues associated with inexperience and overcrowding and make Nepal safer for tourists.