Consumers underserved by travel insurers

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Travel insurance

A charity workshop organised by AllClear has found that people seeking travel insurance while travelling with pre-existing medical conditions are still being underserved by parts of the insurance industry and there remains more to be done.

This is the travel insurance provider’s second charity workshop and involved participation from industry expert Johnny Timpson, stroke, diabetes and kidney charities and a senior official from the British Insurers’ Brokers Association (BIBA). In addition to finding that those with pre-existing medical conditions are being underserved, the forum also found that the industry and its partners could be doing more to improve consumer understanding of the risks of travelling uninsured. In addition, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) ongoing work to improve access to insurance was discussed.

“We are committed to providing regular updates to the charities on insurance and regulatory/FCA developments, as well as a straightforward and accessible Guide to improve consumer knowledge and give greater transparency on pricing,” said Chris Rolland, AllClear CEO.