The dangers of avoiding travel insurance

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Travel insurance

Some holidaymakers may be wont to avoid travel insurance in a bid to save money, but there are many dangers associated with skimping on cover.

A new study by Hudgell Solicitors in the UK has highlighted some of the potential pitfalls and recommends steps that travellers should take when looking for cover.

According to the study, as many as 2.9 million people in London, UK, have travelled abroad without insurance, 12 per cent of whom have actively removed travel insurance to lower the cost of their holiday.

Another issue is holidaymakers buying cover that is insufficient for their needs, which can be counterproductive and lead to unexpected and sometimes quite expensive costs later down the line. Nearly half (41 per cent) of those surveyed admitted to buying the cheapest travel insurance available, while one-fifth assumed their policy would cover all areas of their holiday without reading the terms and conditions.

Does the desire to skimp on travel insurance vary by region? The survey certainly suggests so, with London residents proving to be the most likely to opt for the cheapest policy (41 per cent), compared with 30 per cent in the North East and 35 per cent in the North West. Those naughty Londoners were also more likely to travel with no insurance (30 per cent) compared to 17 per cent in the North East and 20 per cent in the North West and Yorkshire.

Advice from Paul McClorry, Head of Travel Litigation at Hudgell Solicitors, for travellers on ensuring they take out the correct cover for their holiday consists of: doing their research to ensure the insurance meets their requirements; planning their activities ahead of time and, of course, the old chestnut of reading the small print.