Outage causes delays at Sydney airport

Syndey International airport departures

It has been reported that an IT glitch caused an outage across passport control machines at airports in Australia earlier today, leading to delays and long queues at immigration control

Australian Border Force (ABF) has yet to reveal exactly what caused the failure at the control gates but has cited a processing issue and confirmed that the outage affected services nationwide. The problem was rectified by 11.30am Australian time, but the disruption still caused frustration among passengers who had already arrived at the airport two hours in advance of their flight. 

In addition, severe winds resulted in the cancellation of over 50 flights and left only one runway operational just days before, leaving some Jetstar customers stranded at the airport.

In response, a statement from the airline read: "We appreciate delays are frustrating – however, safety is our highest priority.”

Unfortunately, however, this is not an isolated incident – back in April, the passport control machines went down in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane international airports, and massive queues piled up at immigration.

Safety will always be a priority for the authorities, and though a frustrating eventuality, most should rest assured that they will be able to claim compensation for unforeseen delays and cancellations if they’ve purchased the appropriate cover.

At the point of purchasing travel insurance, insurers should work to inform travellers of the risks of unpredictable weather and how this can disrupt their travel plans, as well as urging travellers to check what is and isn’t covered by their airline. Purchasing a plan that includes travel delays and abandonment cover can make these frustrating occurrences a little more bearable and ensure peace of mind for customers, and – hopefully – less in the way of bad publicity for airports and airlines.