What is ‘proactive’ travel insurance?

Delayed flights - such a pain
Company brief

Air France and Allianz Travel have announced the launch of a new ‘proactive’ travel insurance policy for customers who book air tickets via the airline.

Any traveller who purchases their tickets on Air France’s website – and takes out Allianz travel insurance when they do so – will automatically receive a payment of €50 per person if their flight departure is delayed by two hours or more. There is no need to file a claim or provide receipts, the compensation is entirely automated and will be paid within five days.

It is the first time that this type of cover has been offered in France and will be valid for all flights operated by the airline, whether inbound or outbound, heading to or coming from any destination.

“We are very happy to strengthen our joint offer with Allianz Travel with this new service,” said Patrick Alexandre, Executive Vice-President of Air France. “With proactive insurance, we offer the customer an even simpler trip with minimum stress, notably in the event of travel delays. Customer satisfaction remains at the heart of our commercial strategy.”

Air France states that the payment ‘can be combined with the financial compensation offered by the airline under European regulations’.

Moves such as this are savvy ones for airlines and insurers alike – the offer will ultimately not affect the bottom line too much, but it is an attractive proposition for customers, driving loyalty and hopefully making them more likely to purchase insurance in the first place.