Insurtech GloveBox officially launches

A glove box

GloveBox, a new insurtech startup based in Denver, US, officially launched its new app this week.

The proprietary app, also called GloveBox, enables users to aggregate all of their insurance documents in one centralised location, regardless of provider. It was developed in response to the perceived difficulty of collecting personal insurance data, as consumers are frequently faced with complex online portals where it’s not immediately clear what they have to do to access what they want to access – although it also aims to make life easier for insurers, potentially relieving them of the burden of having to assist their customers with requests for basic information.

“Our goal is not only to create a unified policyholder experience inclusive of all carriers for the consumer,” said Ryan Mathisen, Co-Founder and CEO of GloveBox, “but also to take care of our agency owners and carriers. By offering a simplified process and a positive client experience, GloveBox can help increase both revenue and client retention, all while eliminating the requirement for additional staffing to help with those Tier-1 service tasks.”

Currently, the focus will be on auto insurance and other property and casualty lines such as home, but there are plans to expand into the life and health insurance segments as well. And of course, there is no reason why similar technology could not be adopted for travel insurance in the future.

"We have grown up together, both in life and the insurance business," said Drew Lewellyn, GloveBox’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "Our team has a vast understanding of what policyholders want from their insurance carriers and what carriers and agencies need to be successful. We think GloveBox will be a game-changing technology for the insurance industry, and are inspired by what's to come.”