Allianz extends Eurotunnel partnership

Eurotunnel train leaving Folkestone, UK
Company brief

Allianz Partners UK has announced that it is extending its partnership with Eurotunnel, a service that transports passengers and their vehicles between the UK and Europe via high-speed train. Allianz Partners, which has been providing travel insurance services to Eurotunnel’s customers for nearly 15 years, will now provide exclusive roadside assistance services as well.

Customers will be able to purchase roadside assistance and travel assistance as discreet standalone policies, but the opportunity is also available to purchase a combined product on either a single or multi-trip basis.

Allianz has extensive experience in the roadside assistance market already, handling over four million cases in Europe annually on behalf of various motor manufacturers. This was, according to Eurotunnel, a major factor in its decision to adopt Allianz’s services in this area; every year, approximately 600 Eurotunnel customers need roadside assistance when driving in Europe. Allianz and Eurotunnel have redesigned Allianz’s roadside product on a collaborative basis, adding unique benefits and optional extra tiers of coverage.

“Allianz Partners’ track record speaks for itself,” commented Ian Harrison, Head of Customer Engagement at Eurotunnel, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. “We’ve been delighted with the travel insurance services that they deliver to our customers, so it was a natural step for us to join forces when we decided to increase the roadside assistance benefits available to our customers.”