Insurtech teams with e-scooter startup

A joyful couple having a great time on a rented scooter
Company brief

Zego, an insurtech firm based in London, UK, has announced a new partnership with Dott, a European ‘micro-mobility’ company. Dott provides e-scooter services in France and Belgium, and through the new deal, Zego will provide insurance for its fleet of shared vehicles.

When a Dott customer hires a scooter, a Zego insurance policy will be integrated into the sign-up process so that the customer is automatically covered. Dott will absorb the cost of the policy, so the insurance comes at no extra charge to riders.

It is a major milestone for Zego, which recently completed a Series-B investment drive in which it raised US$42 million, which it plans to put towards expanding throughout Europe. This is its first prominent partnership and action in France and Belgium, and the company hopes that the expanding market for shared services such as that provided by Dott represents a bounty of opportunity.

The deal also represents a major step forward for Dott, which is looking to focus on improving the safety of its service as it too expands throughout Europe.

“We believe that companies such as Dott represent the future of mobility and we want to enable the growth of this exciting new industry by creating insurance models that suit its needs and can unlock its potential,” said Sten Saar, CEO and Co-Founder of Zego. “For this form of transport to be widely adopted and welcomed by all, it’s essential that e-scooters come with the right insurance without causing inconvenience for riders.”