Aon teams up with Hi Marley

Text messaging

Global professional services firm Aon plc, which specialises in risk, retirement and health solutions, has entered into a new partnership with Hi Marley, an AI-based insurance-focused communication platform. Through the partnership, Aon hopes to offer insurance customers a more engaging and streamlined process, via the use of an ‘intelligent’ SMS texting platform. By moving away from a potentially lengthy phone-based communication and towards responsive text-based messaging, Aon is of the opinion that efficiency can be increased, and customer desires satisfied.

Hi Marley, which was developed by insurance industry veterans, has reportedly helped the insurers using it to improve the speed of claims resolution by 20 per cent; additionally, it has meant that each claim has required less than four calls overall. The technology can, according to Aon, be easily integrated into existing systems – and once in place, it can enable human staff to focus on more time-consuming, complex problems that are – at present – not suited to an AI-based functionary.

“As a broker,” said Greg Heerde, Head of Americas Analytics for Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions business, “we see both sides of the insurance equation, so we know what insureds are asking for and the challenges carriers are facing. Hi Marley’s platform and proven team stood out with their focus on insurance-specific situations. Hi Marley is bigger than just texting – it is connecting the entire insurance ecosystem in a simple, clear, and meaningful way. We are excited to bring this innovation to insurers globally.”