Brits’ travel habits

Couple on holiday

Aggregator website Picodi has analysed the habits and preferences of British travellers and unearthed a number of interesting findings, including that Brits prefer travelling internationally and that the average Brit spends £591 on a holiday.

According to Picodi’s findings, 29 per cent of British people would rather spend their holidays in the UK, while 71 per cent said that they prefer travelling internationally. The most popular international destinations were found to be Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the US.

Picodi also looked at when Brits go on holiday and found that 20 per cent travel during the shoulder season (between peak and off-peak seasons). This time of year is gaining popularity as it enables travellers to visit tourist destinations in good weather and at affordable prices. However, the high season is still more popular, with 60 per cent of Brits travelling this time. This leaves 20 per cent of Brits who prefer to holiday in low season; the period that is most forgiving to their purse strings.

When it comes to length of holiday, 57 per cent of respondents said that their trips last around one week, while 26 per cent said that they spend less than one week on holiday and 17 per cent said their holidays last two weeks or more (lucky people!).

And who do Brits like to holiday with? Most of those surveyed said that they travel with their partner or family (46 per cent and 43 per cent respectively), while seven per cent travel with friends and four per cent said they prefer to travel alone.

You can view Picodi’s full findings here.