AllClear coverage promoted to Reach plc

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UK-based AllClear Travel and Reach plc have agreed upon a two-year partnership that will provide readers of the Daily Mirror and People newspapers (as well as a number of regional titles) with medical travel insurance.

Reach plc publishes a range of newspapers and magazines, including the Mirror, Express, Star, Ok!, New!, Daily Record, Manchester Evening News, Birmingham Live, Bristol Live and Liverpool Echo – having a relatively large combined readership, it’s well placed to promote AllClear’s coverage.

AllClear CEO Chris Rolland believes that the new partnership will spread much greater awareness of its services to Reach plc readers and will therefore help to ‘create a better understanding that no one is uninsurable, and avoid people taking the risk of travelling without insurance’. “We are working with numerous medical charities to support the FCA mission to ensure better access to insurance for those with medical conditions,” he said.

Andy Atkinson, Chief Revenue Officer at Reach plc, added: “Our audience profile is naturally aligned to AllClear’s own customer base. We know that personal finance, and indeed specialist travel insurance, are topics that are very important to our readers, so we are very pleased to be offering a service and detailed information to help our readers make more informed decisions.”