Insurance information for Millennials

Stock imagery of millennials.

An insurance agency based in Atlanta, US, has launched a brand-new website specifically tailored towards Millennials and young professionals.

InsuranceHub launched the insuranceTL;DR (TL;DR stands for ‘too long, didn’t read’) website in response to the different buying and learning habits of the younger demographic: a digitally savvy, time-poor group who would be more responsive to direct, concise content. The site does away with stock photos and other bland corporate imagery (such as the image chosen to illustrate this story), as it is thought to put Millennials off.

“While the InsuranceHub website is designed to appeal to a broader audience,” explained the agency’s Marketing Director Jason Marlowe, “insuranceTL;DR is targeted specifically to an up-and-coming generation that knows they need insurance and wants answers quickly. To create the most authentic experience, I assembled a team of Millennials to build the site and supply engaging content. The result is sleek and streamlined with links to home insurance, auto insurance and business insurance. Once they’ve found the answers they’re looking for, our visitors can take part in a live chat with one of our insurance specialists and find themselves insured by the end of the chat – on their terms, without any pressure or hard sell from us.”

Those visiting the site can also post questions via a subreddit, access blogs with relevant information and receive a quote at the touch of a button.

While it may seem obvious to hire some actual Millennials to work out how to better attract Millennials, far too many businesses rely on stereotypes and preconceptions – it’s encouraging to see a company use a strategy that mixes anecdotal and evidence-based approaches. If it is successful, perhaps more in the insurance space will go directly to their audience to find out what they want, a potential win-win situation that will improve customer relations and streamline their service proposition.