Puerto Rico still high-risk destination


In a rather backward turn of events, many travellers planning to visit Puerto Rica this season are choosing to forego purchasing travel insurance – and this is less than two years since Hurricane Maria ripped across the island.

Travel insurance provider Arch RoamRight recently conducted a survey on its website visitors’ travel habits and found that increased numbers of people are visiting Puerto Rico compared to 2018. However, although insured numbers are up by 17 per cent through May 2019 compared to the same period in 2018, there is still a colossal 78 per cent of people that have not yet purchased travel insurance for their trip to the Caribbean Island – and hurricane season in the Atlantic has now begun.

“Travel insurance for those traveling to Puerto Rico is essential,” said Vice-President of Business Development for Arch RoamRight Cory Sobczyk. “Puerto Rico is a destination that is at risk during hurricane season and in recent years suffered the effects of Hurricane Maria, the second deadliest hurricane in American history.”

RoamRight has urged travellers to buy travel insurance, as it provides coverage for trip cancellations; however, the company has also stressed that travellers should purchase their insurance before a storm is named to ensure coverage.

“We are happy to see that Puerto Rico is once again a hot travel destination,” noted Sobczyk. “However, the results of our survey show us that the travel insurance industry should do more to educate consumers on the merits of travel insurance.” As such, RoamRight is presenting a webinar this June to help educate travel agents on how insurance can protect their clients during hurricane season. More details can be found on the insurer’s website.