New app to ease travel insurance woes

Making use of a smartphone app.
Company brief

Spanish travel insurance broker Hey Mondo has introduced a new mobile phone app that includes assistance services such as online management of incidents and a 24/7 medical chat line that can be accessed free via public Wi-Fi connections. David Ing reports

Launched this month, the company claims it is the first of its kind to be available on the national market and represents ‘a milestone on the way to attaining leadership in digital transformation in the travel insurance sector’.

Hey Mondo’s founder, Ricard Domenech, said the app meets the goal of seeking ‘constant improvement in the user’s experience, not only at the time of purchase but also when the moment of truth arrives, when it is time to make use of the insurance’ and that it will prove to be a ‘disruptive innovation in the travel insurance sector’.

The app is designed to allow users to make internet calls to their insurers free via public Wi-Fi connections in the case of an incident.

Hey Mondo said this overcame a common problem for many tourists who travel without their usual phone, or even if they do maintain their regular line often have to face up to having to pay expensive bills before they can make an emergency call.

Other features of the app include a 24-hour medical chat service that enables the client to ‘clear up doubts’ over health issues and a guide for transmitting details of any incident to which they can attach copies of documents.

"Our objective in developing this app is to offer a solution to the obstacles in communications that travellers meet, making simpler a process that is usually complicated in adverse circumstances such as the lack of a telephone line or the language barrier,” said Domenech. “We are trying [to make] the support received to be an easy and intuitive process through new technology, but without losing the warmth of the human factor.”